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Sorry I haven't been around much this year guys! Along with getting used to a full time job and adjusting to living independently I was also really busy with Babscon and adjusting my Twitter since that's my main mode of communication these days. Now that work is slowing down and Babscon has been over for weeks, I'm gradually trying to update everything else. For starters, I've made art pieces that haven't been posted any where other than Twitter, so I'll start listing some "new" things in the next few days.

There is also a large Link commission that was delayed due to both lack of spare time and my cats messing it up when I wasn't around. The customer has been informed, but I just wanted to make this mistake and apology public. I'm incredibly sorry about the delay!

So look forward to some updates later this week! I'm not dead!
Yay, a new giveaway has finally arrived! Want to win $30 in free merch with free shipping included!?! Read below for more info!

  •  First off, the giveaway is only happening on Twitter. For multiple reasons, neither Deviant Art nor Facebook will be involved other than announcements.
  • The giveaway is running from 09/20/14 to the end of 09/27/14. So from this Saturday to next Saturday!
  • If you're already following me on Twitter you're already entered!
  • For those of you aren't already following me, you'll need to follow me on Twitter (at least until the contest is over) to qualify. That's it!
  • To begin with, there is a guaranteed first prize: free $30 worth of merchandise from my Etsy store! (Odds are 1/449 at the beginning of the contest.)
  • If I hit 600 followers during the contest, I'll add a second prize. I'll let you guys know what that is if it happens. (1/300 odds of winning)
  • If I hit 750 followers during the contest, I'll add a mystery third prize. (1/250 odds of winning)
  • Any more than 750 followers and I'll see about adding more prizes at a faster rate!
  • Your odds of winning something go up if more people are following me! So don't be afraid of retweeting the giveaway thinking you're lowering your odds.
  • If I see a crap ton of spam accounts following me all the sudden I'll take them off the followers list, and they ultimately won't count towards the total follower count.
  • FREE SHIPPING FOR PRIZES ONLY APPLIES TO AMERICANS! If you're international you'll need to either pay shipping separately or include it in your prize amount.
The Perler Pony is having an online sale for the remainder of August! Use coupon code CONBLUES on my Etsy store (…) for 20% off anything in the store, including commissions!

I don't have sales very often, much less ones that offer a full 20% off, so if you've been thinking about spending now is the time!
Hey guys, I'm both sad and glad to say that I don't have any more planned cons for the rest of the year! Now I'll have more time to craft new items instead of mass producing the same 20 characters of silly fillies. I'm using a good portion of the money I made investing in new kinds of materials, so look forward to new items both here and on Etsy! What do I plan on making for the remainder of the year? Guess you'll just have to stick around~ (Although I can say that I plan on making a certain princess in 3D perler after the Summer commissions are completed...)

Good news for those of you that liked what you saw at my tables this year but didn't see your favorite waifu- commissions are open! I've got a few to fill out from Bronycon and one rather large one from Etsy, and then after that my crafting time is completely free! Remember, I can totally do OCs for about the same price as canon characters. If you're interested about commissions just message me on my DA, facebook, Twitter, or Etsy pages! (Protip: I respond fastest to Twitter, followed by Etsy.)

Next con I'm looking at next year is Babscon during Easter weekend. Not sure what my Summer schedule will look like next year, but I know for sure it'll at least have Grand Brony Gala in it somewhere! Support your local con scene guys!
Well, a week before I leave. Technically it starts on a Friday...

ANYWAYS, if you're going tell me if there's any minor characters you'd like to see! So far I'm thinking I'll make Mane-iac, Sunset Shimmer, and Brad the waifu stealer plus some characters I already designed for Bronycon. Plus I'll be making villain headbands since they sold so well at previous conventions this Summer! (If you want to buy a Discord one I suggest you head over to my table ASAP Friday morning, as he's always the first to go!) I'll be listing villain headbands online after this convention, but why wait when you can get them at the Gala!

With Bronycon less than 2 week's away I've got an estimated character list of silly fillies for you guys! What do I mean by estimated? Well, I've got the majority of my work done BUT not all of it. This list is NOT absolute. Why am I not waiting until all the work is done for a definite total? I may have to ship some things to my hotel a week in advance as well as make a few extra characters the night before I leave. Typing up a list last minute is not only stressful, but some people that may have already arrived in Baltimore without computer access may miss it. Oh, and it would leave little to no time for those who like to plan out their vendor hall route to actually plan.

So without further ado, the character list, divided into sections based on how many I plan on making / have already made.

Mass Produced (10+):

  • Fluttershy
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Applejack
  • Derpy
  • Vinyl Scratch

Fully Stocked (5-9):

  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Rarity
  • Spike
  • Queen Chrysalis
  • Scootaloo
  • Apple Bloom
  • Sweetie Belle
  • Big Mac
  • Woona (Season 1 Version Luna)

Moderately Stocked (3-4):

  • Discord
  • King Sombra
  • Maud Pie
  • Lyra
  • Doctor Whooves
  • Shining Armor
  • Coco Pommel
  • Fluffle Puff
  • Octavia
  • Trixie

Rare (1-2):

  • Celestia
  • Luna
  • Royal Canterlot Guard
  • Spa Twins
  • Diamond Tiara
  • Silver Spoon
  • Sapphire Shores
  • Colgate
  • Young Granny Smith
  • Roseluck

And that's the estimated total of characters for silly fillies this year! If you don't see a character you want feel free to comment. Stands for each of these will be $1 each in case you prefer to put them on your desk instead of your wall or fridge, although I'll warn you now that not all characters can fit in stands.

Oh, and one last thing: prices have gone up a little this year due to significantly increased costs. Last year I split a table, drove with 2 other people, and stayed in a hotel room with 2 other people. This year I'm flying, not splitting a table, and staying in a hotel room with one other person. So, without further ado, the new flat price of all silly fillies is $10 a piece, with possible discounts available if you buy 4 or more at a time. The only exception is Discord, who is $20. More detailed characters like Celestia and Sombra are the same price as they would be online, but other characters do have a bit of an increase. However, the increase isn't more than whatever you'd pay for shipping online, and for international visitors will certainly be less. Just letting you guys know now so you don't yell in my face at the convention.

Can't wait to see so many of you at Bronycon!

If you've been wondering why my DA has been bare as of late it's because I've been stocking for Bronycon like CRAZY. I've got over 120 silly fillies made as of today and I'll be chugging more along when my next perler bead shipment comes in (hopefully today)!

A reasonable expectation of silly fillies at this point is 150 with a stretch goal of 200. I've still got to make about 20 or so perler headbands including custom villain headbands like Discord and Chrysalis. (I'll post a nice photo of those on DA hopefully before Bronycon, as they were some of the first items to sell at Trotcon. Guess people really liked them!) I'll also be selling rings that I already made for Trotcon, and if I have enough time I'll also be selling perler bracelets and necklaces. However with only 18 days left and me having to leave some unfinished silly fillies on my desk this weekend because my perler shipment is being slow I wouldn't count on me getting to bracelets and necklaces before the con... at least not in bulk. Same goes for big perlers and 3D perler ponies.

So if you're going to Bronycon and are interested in anything from my store here are some things you should know specifically for my shop:

- I'll be making between 150 to 200 silly fillies.
- Silly fillies are BY FAR my fastest selling and most popular product at cons.
- There are about 20 characters I'll be making in bulk with 10-20 more characters made in smaller amounts. A character list will be posted later.
- If you want a lesser demand character let me know in the comments and I'll consider it.
- Villain headbands will include Discord, Chrysalis, and Tirek. Sorry, no NMM.
- Normal pony headbands did not sell well for me last year so I will be making very limited inventory of them.
- Twilight Sparkle has not been selling well AT ALL, so I'm not making any new items for her. Basically it's just Trotcon leftovers. (If you want the entire mane six set of silly fillies you better swing by my table Friday morning.)
- There will not be a lot of big perlers. As of now, I'm selling 2 Maud headshots, 1 Luna headshot, 1 Spitfire Headshot, and 1 Sugarcube Corner. No plans for new ones.
- I sold 3D Scootaloo and 3D Chrysalis perler ponies already. The only one left is Big Mac. If I have time I'd like to make a 3D Luna with flowy hair, but no promises. If you love 3D perler ponies and want to make a suggestion for a different character, feel free to comment.
- If you want to commission something in time for pick up at Bronycon ORDER ASAP! I can't do large items but if you just want a silly filly OC there's just enough time to slip it in.
- I'll be taking commissions at Bronycon, and yes, you'll have to pay ahead of time for both the item and shipping.

And here's some things you should know about Bronycon shopping in general:

- If you plan on spending $150 or more in the vendor's room and plan on buying from at least 4 different vendors I would highly recommend making a game plan for what you're going to buy and where.
- No matter what you want to buy, go into the vendor's room FIRST THING Friday morning. Some things will sell out within the first hour, much less the entire morning.
- If you want official Bronycon merchandise, you can preorder it on their site and pick it up whenever instead of having to wait in line for an hour like last year. Yes, including those adorable OC plushes!
- If you're buying from any vendors that make their own items by hand or only partially by machine (myself, The Paper Pony, and Cutie Coral are all good examples), chances are we won't be able to make enough stock to completely fulfill the demand. Visit crafters like these FIRST THING Friday morning!
- Visit vendors that sell normal mass produced merchandise LAST. Let's face it, you can get the majority of their inventory online at a cheaper price (although this might not apply to international visitors). Personally I avoid merch sellers altogether unless they have a good sale on Sunday, but whatever floats your boat.
- If there's a Bronycon exclusive Enterplay card, chances are it won't be worth much considering how many thousands of people are going to Bronycon. Not worth waiting in line for.
- DO NOT ASK FOR DISCOUNTS BEFORE SUNDAY unless you're buying in bulk. I'd consider bulk to be 4+, but every vendor is different.
- I need to emphasize here that you do not demand or automatically expect a vendor to have any sort of sale or discount even if it is Sunday. Even if they usually have a sale they may not give it to you if you come up to them with a shitty attitude. Ask nicely, and if they say no move on. No need to waste their time and yours by being pushy about it.
- It's okay to browse, but don't just stand there looking for 5 minutes without even having the slightest intention of buying anything unless the vendor's hall is near empty.
- Same goes for friendly chatting. Vendors typically like (or at least don't mind) minimal chatter when business is slow, but do not expect a full conversation. They will immediately switch their attention over to some getting their wallet out because as a vendor, sales are what they're there to do. It's not rude, it's business. And don't even think about chatting on Friday morning when the place is packed.
- The vendor's hall was big last year, but it's big enough to be it's own convention this year! Wear comfortable clothes. If you're a cosplayer and plan on cosplaying everyday, pick the most comfy outfit on Friday with tennis shoes and shorts underneath. No need to ruin your feet the first few hours of the con.
- I know this goes without saying for most human beings, but I'll say it anyways: FOR FUCK'S SAKE, TAKE A SHOWER AT LEAST EVERYDAY!!!
Hey guys! Unlike last year when I posted my Grand Brony Gala write up in my journal this year it's on Horse News, so check it out!… I had a ton of fun with everyone despite the broken A/C in the vendor's room and would love to vend there next year as well!

And psst... if you want a custom commission now would be a good time to order. I'm working on four orders from the convention now, but from there it's going to be a non-stop Bronycon stock-a-thon!
Hey guys, in case you didn't know I'll be vending at Trotcon this weekend. I'll be at table #18 next to the main exit door and also neighbor to the face painting table! I'll be selling silly fillies, large perler ponies, bracelets, rings, 3D perler ponies, cards, and more! So if you're going to Trotcon anyways why not stop on by and have a chat with me during the slow hours? M-maybe even buy something? (I hope customer-senpai notices me today, uuuuuawh~ <3 )

For those not going, I'll try to post updates on my twitter as the con is going on. Hopefully the cell phone signal will be good, because I am waaaaay too cheap to pay for hotel wifi everyday!
Sorry guys, but after no one preregistered or even said they would go to the perler panel I decided to cancel it. Those preregistration fees were going to be used for materials and bead color sorting, and I can't risk making like 10+ crafting kits just to have 2-3 people actually show up and pay for them. I can't emphasize enough how much bead sorting SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF YOU! It takes up way too much time and concentration, and in the end you're left with the same colors you could have just kept in their respective color bags. It's just time I don't have without retribution.

I'll try this panel again at Grand Brony Gala, but I may have to cancel that one too if I don't get people preregistering by the time Bronycon ends. If you really did want to go to this panel and you're going to GBG then PLEASE PREREGISTER OR AT LEAST TELL ME YOU'LL PAY WHEN YOU GET THERE!
Hi guys, I've got some great news for you if you're planning on going to Trotcon 2014: I'm hosting a perler crafting panel there! It'll be about 2 hours long (about 30 minutes or less for Perler 101 and the rest for actual crafting) and when you're done you'll get to take home a mane six silly filly of your choice! The panel will be on Friday from 7-9 pm. This event is great for bronies and children alike: All the ironing will be done by me and a helper, so you don't need to worry about safety for the young ones.

If you want to participate it's $5 per crafting kit. You can go to the panel for free without a crafting kit, but it won't be nearly as fun! If you want a crafting kit here's how to reserve one:

1. Contact me by emailing me at
2. Title your message "Trotcon Panel"
3. List the following info:
  • Your name
  • How many craft kits you'll need
  • What character(s) you want out of the mane six
  • How many people are in your group (if it's not just you)
  • The name on your paypal account
  • Your email address

4. Pay the Paypal invoice you'll receive after I get your message.

Please be sure to bring a proper ID to the panel so that we can sign you in and get you your kit(s). The panel room limit is 65 people, so if you want to both guarantee that you get into the crafting panel and get the kit you want PLEASE pay ahead of time! Depending on how many people sign up  I'll try to bring some extra kits in case others want to pay for them at the convention, but if you wait you may not get the character you want.

Character References:
Twilight Sparkle:…
Pinkie Pie:…
Rainbow Dash:…

Thank you so much Calpain-EqD for a free 3 month trial premium account here on DA! I've always wanted to try it out but tend to forget about it whenever I have spending money. So this Summer I guess I'll get to try it out and see if it's worth paying for. How do you guys that have had premium accounts for awhile feel about them? Worth it to you?

Since this is my first time with a premium account my profile might look a little cluttered and confused over the next week or two. I still need to figure out how I'm going to set everything up, plus I need to find or make a profile theme... I can probably make it. We'll see. So please be patient as I toy around and have fun with this!

Thanks again Calpain! Can't wait to hang out with you after the vendor room closes at Trotcon!
Well cheer up! The Perler Pony is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on everything in the silly filly section:…

Yes, this includes 6 packs, Discord, and grab bags! This means you could potentially get 18 silly fillies for $60 if you got two value 6 packs and asked for another 6 pack for free! (That's $3.33 per filly! CHEAP, I know!) Free item must be of equal or lesser value to the lowest priced item purchased. Sale lasts until Sunday at Midnight. No coupon code needed, just tell me what you want in the comment section of your order. Fastest shipping priority goes to the customer that buys first, so don't wait on this special offer!
Two nights ago about 20 minutes after I went to bed I got an email saying I've been accepted as a Bronycon vendor! I got an email about a day later saying I passed the first round of artist acre confirmed artists at Trotcon, so I'll be selling there too this year! I can't tell you guys how excited I am to be vending at Bronycon for a second year in a row and selling at Trotcon for the first time! However, I need to pay for both of my tables in ~60 days and as I checked my bank account I realized I was going to need some help... Not to mention I need to boost production speed on silly fillies if I don't want to pretty much sell out on Friday again! Luckily I'm on Spring Break this week so I'll have plenty of time to fill an influx orders.

So in order to kill two birds with one stone, everything in the silly filly section is now buy 2 get 1 free! NO COUPON CODE NEEDED, just tell me which additional filly you want when you're checking out. This includes OC fillies and fillies that aren't currently listed, (although you may want to message me ahead of time to make sure I have the right colors for your OC or an unlisted character). It also includes the smallest Discord I have available, and he's at a nice scale compared to the fillies. I can set your order up for Bronycon, Trotcon or Grand Brony Gala pickup if you want as well.

Oh, one more thing. Are you vending at Bronycon, Trotcon or Grand Brony Gala? Want to do a trade? Contact me about it! Just know now that these trades need to happen before the vendor's room / artist alley closes on Friday, otherwise I'll sell your goods! I had some people come up to me Sunday afternoon last year during Bronycon with trades and I had hardly anything to offer them. Don't make the same mistake!

Here's a link to the silly filly section of my store. Have fun browsing or maybe even buying~…
For this weekend only, use the code NOWAIFU4U to get 20% off the entire Perler Pony Etsy store! No minimum purchase required to qualify. Have a happy Valentine's Day/No Waifu Day/Forever Alone day/Hearts and Hooves everybody, and especially have a merry cheap discounted chocolate day afterwards!

Etsy Store:…
Since none of the 2nd prize requirements were fulfilled, (I think I'll lower my networking expectations next giveaway), there's only one prize winner! 1st (and only) prize for the giveaway goes to Twitter user...


Congrats brony! I'll be messaging them tonight as well as tweeting them. The prize is $25 Etsy store credit as well as up to $5 shipping credit. If they either don't respond in 48 hours or refuse to give me an address to ship the goods to I'll pick a random number again for a new winner! Believe it or not Keldeo was the second name drawn. First guy hadn't been active since last February so I skipped him. Stay active on your social networking sites guys!

That's right, it's time for another giveaway! Similar to the last giveaway to enter all you need to do is follow/like my accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Deviant Art. If you do all 3 you get entered in 3 times! In addition, you can retweet or share all giveaway related posts on either Facebook or Twitter for even more chances to win! Each retweet/sharing of a giveaway post will get you entered 1 more time, but this only counts for posts that have been made after this giveaway journal has been posted. (So basically "Get ready for a giveaway" posts don't count.) And remember, as long as you don't unfollow you'll be entered into all future giveaways that involve social networking.

So what's the prize this time? 1st prize will be a $25 credit good towards anything in The Perler Pony Etsy store PLUS a free shipping credit worth up to $5 (for Americans only). So for example, you could buy $25 worth of silly fillies and that would be about $5 shipping for Americans, so you'd get everything completely free! Or, you could use that $25 credit to buy a new 3D specialty pony commission for the discounted price of $45 (which is normally $70) and the discounted shipping price of $10 for Americans (normally $15).

2nd prize will be a $15 store credit and 3rd prize will be a $10 store credit, both with $5 shipping credits. HOWEVER, these prizes need to be unlocked. How can they be unlocked? See below:

2nd Prize Unlock:

250 Total Twitter Followers
225 Total Facebook Likes
250 Total Deviant Art Watchers

3rd Prize Unlock:

300 Total Twitter Followers
250 Total Facebook Likes
300 Deviant Art Watchers

And on the off chance that both of these conditions get fulfilled before New Year's, I will add a 4th and perhaps even a 5th place, each being the same prize as 3rd place. You can enter until midnight Jan 6th. I'll take a break on Jan 7th since it's my Birthday, (thus the giveaway title), and hopefully on the 8th I'll be able to announce the winners. PLEASE NOTE that if an empty/inactive account gets chosen I will skip it and move to another one. You can also only win once, so if a name gets pulled twice I'll skip it the second time.

Good luck everyone! Your odds of winning a prize increase when more prizes are unlocked (I'm asking for far less than double the amount of current followers with each prize unlock) so share the crap out of this giveaway!

Etsy:… (Use Code NEWYEAR14 for 10% off the entire store until Jan 2nd!)

And if you're reading this you should know how to get to my DA. If you have any questions please post them in the comments section so that everyone can see the Q/As.
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  • Playing: Skyrim on PS3
  • Eating: Christmas Leftovers
  • Drinking: ALL THE BOOZE
Get hype, I'm going to have a free giveaway after Christmas! It'll involve social networking, so if you already follow/like me on Twitter, DA, or facebook you're already entered for it! Otherwise enter now while you're reading this before you forget. It'll only takes a few seconds and a few button clicks to enter! The prize will be a secret until then, but if there's something from me you've been eying you can tell me in the comments section below and it may or may not effect what the prize ultimately is.

(If you're reading this you already know how to get to my DA, so I'm not posting that here. :P )
From now until next Monday, use the code BLACKFRIDAY15 to get 15% off everything in the store. No minimum needed! And as a bonus, for every $15 you spend you'll get a free random silly filly included in your order! (Note that by silly filly I mean all the characters in my silly filly section, so that includes Spike and Gilda even though they aren't technically ponies.)

This sale is only going on for a limited time, so go to The Perler Pony on Etsy now!
Long time no post, I know. I've been very busy with my senior year of university ever since my semester started, so I haven't had as much time to advertise or make new perler pony items as I would have liked. However, after a test and a presentation due early this week I only have to turn in a paper rough draft and a small business power point next week, so it looks like I have a few free days before the season 4 premiere to get some new items made and listed on Etsy.

Anywho, Grand Brony Gala started selling vendor and artist spots not too long ago, and I'd like to buy a table ASAP. Even with my graduation happening next semester and my overall career future blanketed in mystery at the moment I would like to think that out of all the cons I want to sell at next year, GBG would be the most likely due to location and late Summer timing. Problem is, that compared to last year where I had more money to spend and I ended up buying a table very early, this year my part time job only gives me 8 hours a week tops, so it basically just covers my gas, food, and <$50 for games/pony merch if I'm smart with it or cover someone else's shift one week. So even if I save up that $50 each month, it would still take over 3 months to fund my table. Therefore, I'm going to try and ramp up production for The Perler Pony whenever I can and start advertising again. Whenever I make money on Etsy it'll only go towards paying for my table until it is paid for. To help me track my progress, starting today every time I make a sale I will put the sale (after fees and not including shipping charge) in a counter. You can help by buying something from my store! I'm hoping I can pay for it by the end of the year or earlier.

Grand Brony Gala Vendor Table Progress: $84.66/$154.00

(The total amount needed might go up to $185.60 if I confirm someone as my assistant, but I believe I can buy that add on later if needed.)