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The Perler Pony Chibi Splatoon Girl by Perler-Pony
The Perler Pony Chibi Splatoon Girl
While she was a squid then, she's a kid now! I made this a few weeks ago back when I was on the Splatoon Koolaid all the cool kids were drinking. It was pretty fun squashing everyone with a paint roller until I hit level 20. After that it got a lot less addictive. The pixel art you see here is an original design. While it was tempting to make a boy version as well, I just find his top ponytail to be really stupid looking. It sure would be nice if Splatoon added custom haircuts soon for both genders. This "chibi" perler is abooooout... 10 inches tall, 6 wide. I'll probably edit this later when I actually measure it, but in the mean time that's a pretty good estimate. She took about 3 hours to make, so including material cost I'll probably sell her for $40 on Etsy soon.
The Perler Pony 'Succubus of the Night' Shadowbox by Perler-Pony
The Perler Pony 'Succubus of the Night' Shadowbox
'Succubus of the Night' is made out of perler and uses regular, glitter, and glow in the dark type color beads (thus the name). If you turn off the lights at night her eyes, tongue, and certain hearts will glow in the dark. While this piece may seem cute at first, a secret message shown in the darkness will reveal this succubus's true intentions of locking eyes with you. The glow in the dark features can also be enhanced using a black light for a few minutes or by placing the piece under a permanent black light fixture. If I remember correctly, the dimensions of the shadow box are 16 x 20 inches.

This art work was actually baby's first charity auction piece over at Babscon this year! While it didn't end up going for much more than material cost, (If I had taken the time to think about it I would have realized that it's not a good idea to have charity auctions around the month taxes are due, especially considering a lot of young wealthy people in the fandom are independent contractors!), I'll probably end up doing another charity shadow box piece this year... just not at Babs again since it happens the same time every year.

If you want a fun mini game, try to count the amount of hearts and half hearts in the shadow box! Make sure to look at her black night photo to get them all~ 

And if you're interested in a shadow box perler commission, feel free to message me! I've still got two large commissions on my plate, but if you were thinking of a summer convention pick up I'm sure it can be arranged!

More Photos:…
The Perler Pony Calpain x Ren Haru Gift For Waifu by Perler-Pony
The Perler Pony Calpain x Ren Haru Gift For Waifu
This perler piece wasn't a custom commission, but instead was actually planned as a gift for my boyfriend Calpain-EqD  of EQD of both our OCs snuggling together. While I wanted to originally do full bodies, the end result probably would have been too big to *snicker* ship. But I think this ended up looking pretty nice! Feels like whenever I make designs not based directly off the show they tend to get a little anthro with the poses, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I originally made this around V-Day, but alas I forgot to bring it with me to Babscon to give to Calpoo. So he'll be getting it when he visits me in Florida in less than a month. (SO EXCITED! <3 )

If you're interested in a custom OC commission like this of you and your waifu/husbando chilling together, hit me up!

The Perler Pony Bronyville Live Commission by Perler-Pony
The Perler Pony Bronyville Live Commission
Last one for completed Babscon commissions: It's the Bronyville Live heart used on their logo! While originally we talked about doing the entire logo, considering that how many individual and stylized letters would need to be made, the commission would have been in the hundreds not including a specialty shadow box he was also interested in. So instead we went with the heart, and I must say it turned out pretty cute! I'm surprised they don't use it as their Twitter icon. This one may be getting a shadow box later. It all depends on what the customer decides on.

If you have a cute little icon or logo that you want perler-ized, message me for a price quote!

Reference Picture:…
The Perler Pony Amaura Commission by Perler-Pony
The Perler Pony Amaura Commission
Long time no post! This week I'm going to be catching up (in terms of DA posting) for perler art pieces that have already been completed.

The first piece on the list is a perler pokemon commission I recieved at Babscon and just completed yesterday. The pokemon type is Amaura, and isn't it just the cutest little fossil pokemon ya'll ever seen? Pokemon traditionally have black outlines, so not having to switch colors made adjustments so much quicker! I had a lot of fun making this new design, (the design isn't based off of a sprite, but instead off of a regular picture:… ), but the most delightful part were those head... things. Feel free to tell me the proper name for them in the comments! The yellow to pinkish/peachish gradient ended up looking really cool if I do say so myself. I rarely ever make human based perlers so I finally had an excuse to use my peach beads! While I didn't measure it, if I had to guess I'd say Amaura is around 9 inches tall and 5 inches wide. About 2x bigger than the average silly filly!

If you'd like an Amaura perler just like this, message me and I can give you a price quote! I also just looooove chatting on Twitter!

Sorry I haven't been around much this year guys! Along with getting used to a full time job and adjusting to living independently I was also really busy with Babscon and adjusting my Twitter since that's my main mode of communication these days. Now that work is slowing down and Babscon has been over for weeks, I'm gradually trying to update everything else. For starters, I've made art pieces that haven't been posted any where other than Twitter, so I'll start listing some "new" things in the next few days.

There is also a large Link commission that was delayed due to both lack of spare time and my cats messing it up when I wasn't around. The customer has been informed, but I just wanted to make this mistake and apology public. I'm incredibly sorry about the delay!

So look forward to some updates later this week! I'm not dead!


Perler-Pony's Profile Picture
Ren Haru
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Hi everyone! I'm Ren Haru, owner of the etsy shop The Perler Pony, (link below). I also do other various things in the brony fandom like write for Horse News!

I make mostly hand held sized ponies, but I do make bigger ponies and even other fandom crafts every once in awhile. I've sold at cons big and small, including Grand Brony Gala, Metrocon, and Bronycon! I'm open to commissions, so feel free to message me on pricing.

Cons I'm vending at this year:
- Babscon, April 2nd-5th
- Grand Brony Gala July 10th-12th (Friday and Saturday appearances only!)
- Bronycon August 7th-9th
- Nightmare Nights (unconfirmed)
- Ponyville Ciderfest (unconfirmed)

There's lots of ways you can follow me / get a hold of me, so here's a few sites I'm on:

Etsy:… (Very Active)
Twitter: (Very Active)
Facebook: (Not Very Active)
Skype: theperlerpony (Somewhat Active)

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