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Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been working overtime at my full time job since the holiday season rolled around. Tomorrow is the first Saturday I've gotten off in quite a few weeks! Here's hoping I find the time to update a few things.
Use the coupon code TURKEYHORSE to get 20% off everything at The Perler Pony on Etsy! Code valid now through this Sunday. Happy Shopping!

Shop Link:…
ONE OF A KIND Perler Fluffle Puff as Sailor Taco by Perler-Pony
ONE OF A KIND Perler Fluffle Puff as Sailor Taco
Eating Mexican by daylight
Hugging Chrysie by moonlight
Never avoiding leftover tacos
She is the one named Sailor Taco!

Not so new from The Perler Pony, it's anthro Fluffle Puff cosplaying as Sailor Taco! She's one of a kind, so once she's sold she's gone FOREVER! I actually had this finished around 2 weeks ago, but got caught up with my job when I switched from part time to full time. Now that I've finally got a free weekend at home I figured I'd finally put this on DA and Etsy. She's around 14 inches tall and 11 inches wide... although I should probably measure her properly instead of just estimating. Meh. Not sure why the photo came out bleh, I tried it multiple times and this was the best quality I could get. Guess my iphone camera can't handle all dat pink.

Where'd this come from? Whelp, I wanted to do a halloween anthro figure before moving back to normal perler ponies, and I didn't want to just be lazy creatively and make a Flutterbat. I just made a Chrysalis, so I figured a Fluffle Puff could keep her company in case she didn't sell right away. And then I thought, "Hey wait, the 'canon' version of EQG Fluffle Puff is cute, but I don't agree with the hairstyle. There just isn't enough hair for a character that is so fluffy in pony form!" So I realized that my headcannon humanized Fluffle Puff had long twin pig tails that are super thick and go past her butt. Then I had to think about what halloween costumes would go with with long twin pig tails and Sailor Moon was the first thing to come to mind! I gave it a Fluffle Puff twist and BAM, Sailor Taco was born!

Special thanks to mixermike622 for letting me sell this Fluffle Puff! If you're reading this I'll give you a special discount if you want to buy her~

Etsy Listing:…
Etsy Shop:…
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that I will not be renewing listings for most background characters until con season next year (or at least until season 5 begins). You can still buy them if you want, just message me on Etsy about it! I figured I'd save a few bucks on listings no one is going to buy during the slow season. =w=
My Little Pony Chibi Perler Anthro Queen Chrysalis by Perler-Pony
My Little Pony Chibi Perler Anthro Queen Chrysalis
Hey look, I did a pony thing during the incredibly long My Little Pony show break. Someone get me a cookie! ... I kid, I kid.

But you're probably wondering why I made an anthro mlp character. Well, I've been wanting to do perler humans for awhile now and just never had the time to during convention season. Then when the cons were over I realized that I needed to fill out my shop with non-pony things. Only after that did I allow myself to experiment, and this is the result. I think you'll find that if you look at my first human perler (Miku) and compare it to this one, I've improved with making chibi figures look more round and cute. I'm kind of surprised that this didn't end up looking more anime-ish. I guess that's because this character is from a Western animation. Maybe if I do an anime character in the future it'll look more moi~

As for Queen Chrysalis herself, she stands at about 15 inches high and 10 inches wide. Although I could have put holes directly in her arms and legs, I thought putting holes in the clothes would look nicer (not to mention make the limbs more sturdy). The crown is way bigger than I originally intended it to be, but fitting four points and gems to a pixel sized crown is harder than it sounds, so in the end the crown is a bit exaggerated. Also, I went for a very show accurate color for the hair outline, but now that I know what it looks like I'll use the less accurate creamy teal green color in the future. The pose is a bit on the plain side, but since she's the first of hopefully a few more I wanted to start off simple. In the future I'll challenge myself a bit more.

Interested? There's an Etsy link below with her pricing. Oh, or maybe you're more interested in a custom commission? Feel free to message me here or on Etsy about options. I'm thinking about doing a mlp character in a halloween costume next if I don't get any big orders soon.

Etsy Shop:…
Anthro Chrysalis Etsy Listing:…
Yay, a new giveaway has finally arrived! Want to win $30 in free merch with free shipping included!?! Read below for more info!

  •  First off, the giveaway is only happening on Twitter. For multiple reasons, neither Deviant Art nor Facebook will be involved other than announcements.
  • The giveaway is running from 09/20/14 to the end of 09/27/14. So from this Saturday to next Saturday!
  • If you're already following me on Twitter you're already entered!
  • For those of you aren't already following me, you'll need to follow me on Twitter (at least until the contest is over) to qualify. That's it!
  • To begin with, there is a guaranteed first prize: free $30 worth of merchandise from my Etsy store! (Odds are 1/449 at the beginning of the contest.)
  • If I hit 600 followers during the contest, I'll add a second prize. I'll let you guys know what that is if it happens. (1/300 odds of winning)
  • If I hit 750 followers during the contest, I'll add a mystery third prize. (1/250 odds of winning)
  • Any more than 750 followers and I'll see about adding more prizes at a faster rate!
  • Your odds of winning something go up if more people are following me! So don't be afraid of retweeting the giveaway thinking you're lowering your odds.
  • If I see a crap ton of spam accounts following me all the sudden I'll take them off the followers list, and they ultimately won't count towards the total follower count.
  • FREE SHIPPING FOR PRIZES ONLY APPLIES TO AMERICANS! If you're international you'll need to either pay shipping separately or include it in your prize amount.


Perler-Pony's Profile Picture
Ren Haru
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Hi everyone! I'm Ren Haru, owner of the etsy shop The Perler Pony, (link below). I also do other various things in the brony fandom like manage the Central Florida Brony group on Facebook and occasionally write for Horse News.

I make mostly hand held sized ponies, but I do make bigger ponies and even other fandom crafts every once in awhile. I've sold at cons big and small, including Grand Brony Gala, Metrocon, and Bronycon! I'm open to commissions, so feel free to message me on pricing.

Cons I'm vending at next year (2015):
- Babscon, April 2nd-5th
- Trotcon (unconfirmed)
- Babscon (unconfirmed)
- Grand Brony Gala (unconfirmed)

There's lots of ways you can follow me / get a hold of me, so here's a few sites I'm on:

Etsy:… (Very Active)
Twitter: (Very Active)
Facebook: (Not Very Active)
Skype: theperlerpony (Somewhat Active)

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